Sintex is our high-quality sintered milled solution. An engineering development by Bioinnovación Dental that provides the best of the sintering technique in cobalt chromium – bonding and shape design – combined with the best milling technique – maximum precision and fit -.
As a result, we can offer parts with guaranteed stability, high-quality frameworks at an affordable price. Furthermore, for complex designs with sharp implant angles or in non-optimal situations, Sintex offers greater freedom to work and, therefore, to get better results.
Sintex is particularly recommended for crowns, bridges and hybrid frameworks. We also offer the Sintex Plus option, in which the entire framework base is milled.


Preparation of the ceramic veneer.

  1. Go over the framework with a green stone.
  2. Sand with aluminium oxide between 110 – 150 μm, (pressure 2.5-3 bars).
  3. Clean the surface with a steam jet.
  4. Oxidation: Maintain for 5 minutes at 900ºC under vacuum, maximum temperature rise (55°C/min).
  5. Then sand with aluminium oxide at 250 μm/3-4 bar and clean the surface again with a steam jet.
  6. Apply the bonding layers and opaquer layers as normally performed in your laboratory.
  7. Then apply the different ceramic veneers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.